Vegetables really are sources of nutrients and vitamins which help the body against many diseases.

Cucumber as you know is grown all over the world due can use on many different purposes. Cucumbers come in many sizes, shapes, colors are very different, but whatever you do, cucumber contains lots of water, fiber, vitamins and other substances beneficial to health. Almost any time of the year, we can find cucumber. Here are 12 benefits that are indispensable in daily meals. 

1. Lose weight

Those who want to lose weight with a diet, do not ever forget the cucumber in the dish your regular In melons a Porn Amateur lot of water, one of the food index, low calorie, 1 cup cucumber provides about 13 calories, but rich in fiber and antioxidants help improve signs of gastrointestinal and reduce shallow. 

2. Water supply for the body 

of water and mineral salts in cucumber skin to avoid dehydration. 

3. Detoxify 
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If you use fresh cucumber or water pressure are effective residues excreted from the body. Have a stimulating effect on the organs of the body purification and helps to process toxins faster. 

4. The effect is good for the joints

Provide more silicium, have a good effect on the joints, strengthen connective tissue. Also reduce the risk of gout and arthritis. 

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12 great things that you should eat cucumber every day - 1 

5. Reduce blood cholesterol 

In cucumber contains a lot of water, sterols. Sterols help lower cholesterol mau.No inhibit oxidation of the arteries and reduce the likelihood of blockage. 

6. Helps prevent constipation 

in the country cucumber and fiber, which is a combination of «perfect» effect increases peristalsis so very effective against constipation. 

7. Good for the skin

Vitamin E is found in cucumbers, in addition to their ability to neutralize the skin's natural pH balance, is good remedy to help heal scars fast. The antioxidants found in cucumbers promote cell regeneration, reduce the harmful effects caused by free radicals. 

8. Good for kidney 

You can use the form of salad or juice, both are excellent, to increase the excretion of waste products, which can be the source of kidney stones.

9. Having beautiful hair and nails 

Aesthetically, cucumber also contributed significantly. Help you have soft hair, shiny and healthy nails, stronger. 

10. Help freshening breath

Less fragrant breath is commonly caused by bacteria in the mouth cause, cucumber can increase saliva in the mouth, which helps wash away the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. You chewed piece of cucumber for about 15-20 minutes and help clean gums reduce the presence of pathogens. 

11. Helps regulate blood pressure, 

fiber, magnesium, potassium in cucumber are needed to help regulate blood pressure levels. 

12. Helping cancer prevention 

Cucumbers help prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. 

It is wonderful when a vegetables grown in popularity, so delicious to have benefits for health unexpectedly. So you enjoy it every day out !!

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