Five "rule is the heart of the Jav Beautiful song should suck up"

Are of course not born specifically for women. So you and ladies dress, rules, in order to become a real "suck the song" is also a need to understand.
If you want to in addition to Jav 3D sloppy young people, X connected I ah, do not spend a little time to bag the fashion rules are as follows:

1. What size dress himself
Please don't trust all the clothes and shoes of choice for you and your girlfriend! An adult should know what is the size of your shoes, shirt size, no open chest or pants button how can stand not cause discomfort. Don't need too much time to learn, but every time I go shopping with your girlfriend, a little attention and recording, from next time you can trust yourself to go shopping!

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2. They also have a sewing shop.

Beautiful wings, you may really need a clothing store for these beard quality factors fit to decide the success or failure of men, especially those who need to be accurate to every mm Hattori in Europe, you can not pick. You know, even a few of his good reputation, hello!

3. "But don't know the rules of material"
If a woman needs dozens of new dress show beauty, men sometimes need some shirts, trousers and a set of two suits of my own. It should not matter with! Some clothes, but if you are a accessories, to ensure that the project is to a proper extent, items are from cotton, beautiful and projects are not in favor of the millennium, Congratulations, you have enough conditions to join the "suck the song"!
4. You just wear at the gym.

Five rules of dress should be "suck the song" five
These clothes sweating in the gym, will make you look very strong and masculine. But only in the gym. Out of the gym, take off your shoes, baggy clothes, hair color and primary sweat, suitable for complex clothes and other adult.
5. Not exposed, not off!

Quail exposed chest muscle or bare exposure may be a trend in a certain period of time, but if considering the long way that he extreme lack of subtle and not entirely suitable for a man looking for their so-called "fashion style in the street". If women show off their perceived sexy body, unfortunate man does not love! Please keep quiet, tidy, would you give me up!

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