"A time for nearly anal massage a month, or" husband infected.

This year I'm 22 years old, married. But because the conditions of the work that my husband and wife in far apart, a new month "meet" 1-2 times. Last month, after the "relationship" with my husband, I saw burning pain we go see the itching. I went to the doctor, I suffer from inflammation of the vagina and prescribe drugs for about drinking. I did what doctors told him and took off. 

A month later we had new "relationships" back but I still found it very painful burning, after "ties" the feeling subsided and when di sub found slightly irritated back, but not itchy. Would I be doing? Looking forward to your doctor help you. I would like to thank! (Nguyen Van Nhung)


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Hi Nguyen Nhung, 

According to your description, the more likely you are to suffer inflammation "closed zone". After the couple "relationship", you see there are signs mark is unusual, and was quick to take the examination, this is very good for reproductive health. So will avoid cross contamination for both if the simultaneous treatment of the sexually transmitted disease sexually transmitted infection. 

The whole month "near" her husband once that still suffer infection 1
Inflammation "the secret" is not related to the number or frequency of sex. Photo illustrations

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You suffer from inflammatory "closed zone" are not related to the number or frequency of sex. If both no sense keeping hygiene "closed areas" clean, you can easily make disease-causing bacteria, viruses spread rapidly from person to person, leading to sick in "closed areas"

After the doctor visit and prescribe oral medications, you've run out of the drug went back to visit or not? If you went back to the clinic and the doctor said disease is already off then you have nothing to worry about. Also in case you have yet to visit, can not arbitrarily conclude that she was off sick yet because the disease-causing virus can remain hidden inside. 

At times "ties" new here you feel burning pain phenomenon are very likely due to the psychological factors causing anxiety. Due to the "relationship" before the cause you pain, itchy rash should you have the mood of anxiety, this has unknowingly affect your mentality in this time and makes you uncomfortable, leading to the room was not enough to make you suffer.
Besides, can you also not yet fully ready for the "relationship" should the love will be more difficult. As you know the vagina is lined by a layer of epithelium is soft on the inside, this epithelial layer protects the vagina from injury by increasing more room and makes a wet smoothness, so can your vagina more room enough to lubricate and caused the scratch built upon relationships and then when you still feel urination burning slightly back. 


Husband and wife you should have more exchanges to be time prolonged prelude, creating the spirit of her roof when the relations on the phenomenon will fade away. You also need the best note to subsection hygiene process by which is also very important factors for you to avoid the discomfort in the "closed zone", the prevention of inflammatory diseases. 

You also still very young and if didn't have the baby you should think to use safety measures to avoid pregnancy.

Wish your spouse happy!

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