The heat lasts over the anal milf weekend, then the storms again

The very warm to tropical weather of the last few days will last until the weekend when a wavy cold queue will move from across the West through our territory. This will bring the thunderstorms first, and from Monday even the most noticeable cooling with the highest temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Dagmar Hons from Meteopress told me this.

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Thursday morning brought considerable differences in minimum temperatures. While there were only 7 in the west of the Japan Sex republic, they climbed to 17 degrees in southern Moravia. The day should be clear or almost Jav Teacher clear. Temperatures reach 22 to 26 degrees, in the south-east of the country it can be up to 28.

On Friday, clouds and clouds will prevail. "In the morning, temperatures will drop to 10 to 6 degrees, and they will rise from 22 to 26 in the morning. Mountains, especially the Šumava Mountains and the Novohradské Mountains, can sometimes have storms," ​​Hons said.
On Saturday it will be cloudy at first, but from the west, due to the transition of the cold front, clouds and precipitation will increase from the west. Meteorologists also expect strong storms. The lowest morning temperatures will drop to 14 to 10 degrees, and they will reach 26 to 30 degrees a day before the cold comes.

On Sunday, clouds with rain will prevail in the Czech Republic, and the front and thunderstorms will arrive in Moravia and Silesia. Very different will be the afternoon maximums. While in Karlovy Vary the temperature jav meguri should be around 20 degrees, in Prague it should be 25 and in Moravia and Silesia even 30.

The weather forecast from Monday to Wednesday promises weather with a high cloudiness and rain or showers in view of the upcoming Medard feast. Temperatures on Monday and Wednesday will reach 19 to 23 degrees, on Tuesday it should be only between 17 and 21 degrees.

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