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Parents are looking for an answer to why her anal mature daughter died. Access to her Facebook has been banned by the court

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The parents of a fifteen-year-old girl from Germany who died five years ago after falling under a subway set will not have access to her profile on Facebook. This was decided by the Court of Appeal in Berlin this Wednesday.

Parents are asking for access Jav Office to their daughter's social network site to find out why the girl has died. They suspect she was bullied.

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The family tries to find out if her daughter has committed suicide, so she turned to Facebook to give her access to her past social networking conversations that could provide or more accurately suggest an answer.

While the girl reportedly gave her mother a profile, but one of her friends about death was soon informed by Facebook, and before the mother had signed up for her, the page "froze". This in practice means that all the material the publisher has published here remains available to friends and friends can comment on it, but can no longer log in and join …

The heat lasts over the anal milf weekend, then the storms again

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The very warm to tropical weather of the last few days will last until the weekend when a wavy cold queue will move from across the West through our territory. This will bring the thunderstorms first, and from Monday even the most noticeable cooling with the highest temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Dagmar Hons from Meteopress told me this.

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Thursday morning brought considerable differences in minimum temperatures. While there were only 7 in the west of the Japan Sex republic, they climbed to 17 degrees in southern Moravia. The day should be clear or almost Jav Teacher clear. Temperatures reach 22 to 26 degrees, in the south-east of the country it can be up to 28.

On Friday, clouds and clouds will prevail. "In the morning, temperatures will drop to 10 to 6 degrees, and they will rise from 22 to 26 in the morning. Mountains, especially the Šumava Mountains and the Novohradské Mountains, can sometimes have storms," ​​Hons said.

The famous conductor Jiří Bělohlávek died, he tight black pussy promoted the music of Czech authors

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"The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra announces that, in the morning, the chief conductor and director of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Jiri Belohlavek, died in a brave fight with a serious illness," said her spokesman, Luděk Březina, for the Czech Philharmonic.

Prague Spring Director Roman Bělor commenced on Belohladev's Premiere Thursday's press conference for the final concert with a minute of silence. "It is mainly Porn Brunettethanks to the fact that the Czech Philharmonic has experienced many extraordinary achievements in the last five years and has regained its respected position both at home and abroad - it has truly become a national orchestra, it has once again jav full penetrated the stages of the world's most prestigious concert halls and has performed a number of award-winning recordings. Not only the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra but our entire country by the departure of Jiří Bělohlávek comes from a person of extraordinary artistic and personal…